The Fullers

Mort Fuller was a lifelong resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He grew up exploring every inch of the property his family called “Overlook.” From his earliest years his curiosity about nature, and especially animals, led him to study and collect animal and bird specimens. He learned to mount his own skins for closer study and could identify most of what walked, ran, slithered, jumped or flew in his home territory. This interest turned to a fascination with Africa that led to the safari from which he returned with the specimens now on display in the Trophy House. As the century and technology progressed, Mort Fuller’s continued interest in wildlife expressed itself in activities consistent with increasing awareness of the fragility of our planet. In the early 1980’s (?) he returned to East Africa with his wife, Frances (Bobbie), to retrace his steps. This time specimens were brought home on film. This trip gave him as much satisfaction and pleasure as his first one and allowed him the opportunity to observe and compare the changes in environment and animal populations since 1930.

In business Mort Fuller kept sight of the importance of man’s impact on nature and his responsibility to safeguard natural habitats. He was trained neither as a naturalist nor a scientist but his curiosity, efforts and enthusiasm have made it possible for us to expand interest in and knowledge of these disciplines. As president of the International Salt Company, he led the development of the Mortimer B. Fuller Jr. Solar Salt Facility, which opened in 1973 on the island of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. The facility was internationally recognized because of Mr. Fuller’s successful efforts to protect and restore the threatened nesting grounds of the pink flamingo, Bonaire’s national symbol. Today, that flamingo population, which had almost disappeared from the island, thrives. More than thirty years later, the solar salt facility is now owned and operated by Cargill Salt Bonaire, a division of Cargill Incorporated.

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